Exposing your brand and giving you another source of income.

We create partnerships with Estate & Letting agents across the region to boost each other’s revenue. We offer your clients a fast, secure sale (including landlords where the property is still tenanted) and offer a generous referral fee if clients with such properties are introduced to us by you.

The way our partnership works couldn’t be any easier. All we ask for is the name, number and property address of a client considering selling. Once we have this, we’ll do the rest. We will then contact the client and explain how the auction process works, complete a free no-obligation appraisal for auction and list the property to be sold via our online auctions. When the property successfully sells, we pay you a generous commission.

How our partnership benefits you

When you next come across an opportunity that isn’t right for you, you no longer need to pass it up. All you need to do is register your account by clicking here. We’ll provide free training on our auction process and show you how to identify sites that will benefit from our service. Once you refer a client through to us. We will handle the full process.

We will do all the work, pay you a generous commission upon contracts exchanging and help your client to get the quick sale they need.

There are more benefits to becoming a partner agent than the high commissions we offer. When you become a partner, we feature your logo on our advertising portals. This furthers your brand reach and gives you more exposure.

By saying yes to all properties that come your way, you’ll still be seen as the one responsible for their quick sale. From land to houses in need of refurbishment, auction is the home for almost all listings. There are very few properties that we will say no to.

Your brand reputation grows, and you make additional income from selling a property without doing any of the work.

How our partnership benefits your clients

Selling a property can be challenging at the best of times, not to mention time-consuming for you and your staff. Due to personal circumstances, some people need to prioritise a quick sale or a cash purchase over the best value for their home. In these instances, they are a good fit for auction.

You can give vendors the help they need by referring them to our online auction where their property will be sold within 28 days. If this is too short a period, then we can use the modern method of auction to exchange contracts within 28 days and complete the sale within 56 days.

We operate on a no sale no fee basis. Your client will only be charged if they successfully sell their property with us. This reduces risk and therefore stress for the vendor. However, with over 90% success rate, it is highly unlikely their property will not sell.

At traditional auction, there is no room for buyers to renegotiate once they have agreed a price. Your vendor doesn’t have to worry about last-minute changes of heart or sudden phone calls with a reduced offer.

Partner with us today

Click here and sign up today. It’s free to do. Even if you don’t come across an opportunity that’s right for us, there is no rush, but we’re here when you need us.