Allowing individuals to deal with their emotions by offering a quick stress-free property sale.

Losing a loved one is never easy. It’s even harder when we must balance dealing with our loss whilst trying to sell a property. If someone has never sold a home before, then this will be one of the most challenging experiences in life. The open market can leave them waiting months for a sale- all whilst trying to deal with grief.

Sharpes Auctions provide an empathetic and professional probate service for solicitors, executors, trustees, and administrators. We understand the emotional and financial difficulties that come when selling the home of the bereaved, and we work with you to overcome them.

Our online auctions offer a quick (and most likely cash) sale within 28 days. The property is sold in as little as a month and allows you to focus on spending time with your loved ones.

You can learn more about selling through the traditional method of auction by clicking here.

From reserve price to completion, every step is taken care of

We will agree a set reserve price with you before pre-auction marketing. This is the minimum price that the property will sell for. If we don’t achieve the reserve or higher, then the property is not sold. This means that one can benefit from our stress-free sales process without needing to sell loved ones' home for less than it is worth.

If more time is needed to sell, then we can auction properties through the modern method of auction. This works identical to traditional method of auction, but it gives buyers 56 days to complete rather than 28 days. Contracts still exchange within 28 days, and a non-refundable reservation fee is taken from the bidder. So, although this gives a seller more time, it does so without increasing the risk of a sale falling through.

You can learn more about selling through the modern method of auction by clicking here.

Both methods have no upfront fees. This removes the risk for a seller. They don’t have to worry about being tied into a lengthy sales contract for months on end with the fear of financial penalties if they try to sell elsewhere.

An auction house that cares

Sharpes is an auction house that cares. We want this to shine in every aspect of our communication with everyone including you, your clients, or trustees. Let us help to deal in times of grief and relieve the tremendous stress that individuals may be facing in difficult times. No property sale is passive, but our auction is as close as it gets.

Click here to contact us today. We offer free auction valuations. There is no obligation to proceed, but we will give you an idea of the sales process and your property’s value before you decide on your next steps.