No sale no fee and completion within 28 days

Selling land or property is one of life’s most stressful experiences. The average open market property sale takes 12 weeks to complete and has a 1/3 chance of falling through. If this does happen, then both time and money are wasted before another buyer must be found and the 12-week process starts again. These stats are even higher for land sales.

This is why auctions are becoming increasingly popular. They’re a straightforward reliable solution that allows you to sell your property within an average of 2-6 weeks. On the fall of the virtual hammer, the buyer pays a non-refundable 10% deposit. Contracts exchange immediately and completion takes place within 7-28 days (or extended to suit your needs).

Our auction process has been made even easier now that it has moved online and been made available to national audiences. This has allowed us to increase the number of bidders who can register for each auction and results in higher interest on properties.

Our quick and easy online auctions allow you to sell your land or property hassle-free so that you can focus on other elements of your life. Below is our quick, step by step guide that explains how.

Step one- Free Auction Valuation

Step two- Setting the price

Step three- Instruct solicitors

Step four- Pre-Auction Marketing

Step Five- Viewings & Open Days

Step six- Auction Day

Walk away from stress today

We have tried to make our process as risk-free as possible for all sellers. We understand the worry that comes with selling through an estate agent. You don’t want to be locked into a contract while your property is stuck on the market for months on end. This is why we take no upfront fees and do not charge if the listing doesn’t sell.

Your property doesn’t have to be run-down. It can be a functional family home or already housing a tenant (indeed, often a benefit to a Buy To Let Investor). If you want a quick, secure (and most likely cash) sale, then it’s the option for you.

Click here to contact us today and book your free auction valuation. There is no obligation to proceed. We will provide you with a detailed auction appraisal for your property alongside further information on how auctions can help you. If you wish to proceed, then we’ll move on to the steps outlined in this guide.

Due to the effectiveness of our process, we’re experiencing high interest. Book your valuation today to ensure that you can list your property at our next available auction event, Contact us.