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Landlords, new EPC  regulations coming

From the 1st April 2018 there are new regulations coming in to force for all properties in the private rental sector. All new tenancies will require the property to have a minimum energy rating on the EPC of E or above. If the property is rated below an E on the EPC then improvements will need to be made on the property to improve the energy rating. This will be put in to force for all newly rented properties and the ruling will also apply to existing tenancies from 1st April 2020. There will be a penalty imposed of up to £4,000 for any breaches of the new rules. Our advice at Sharpes is to act now in one of two ways:

  1. Upgrade any of your properties which are a rating of F or G on the EPC to comply with the new regulations.
  2. Sell your properties with lower ratings now to beat the influx of new properties which will flood the market closer to the time, ultimately driving prices down.

At Sharpes we have buyers looking for investment properties and demand at the current time is high for all property types within West Yorkshire. There is NO ENTRY FEE in to Sharpe’s auctions and with an 82% success rate and completion within 28 days it is the best way to sell. Do not delay as we mentioned during 2017 we anticipate many landlords looking to sell and when supply goes up prices will go down. Act now, call Sharpes on 01274 731217, West Yorkshire’s leading independent auctioneers. House sales Yorkshire Sell Property quickly Yorkshire Sell my home W.Yorkshire

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