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Are you looking to sell an empty property Leeds?

There are many reasons for wanting to sell an empty property in Leeds. More often than not, people inherit property from a family member and it is deemed surplus to requirements. Sometimes people have to relocate, either due to divorce or separation, or to follow career opportunities, or simply because they are moving abroad. It could be that the property has damp or structural issues, or in certain cases has suffered from fire damage or flood damage, rendering it inhabitable.

Whatever the reason may be, property owners are then faced with additional problems. It is more difficult to insure an empty property, as the risk to it is calculated as being greater by insurance companies. Vacant properties tend to get vandalized or broken in to and the owners are burdened with unnecessary maintenance and repair costs to secure them. It could be that the property is mortgaged and the owners are struggling to keep up the repayments. Although there is some concession for a short period, empty properties are still subject to council tax or in the case of commercial properties, business rates, not to forget the ever increasing utility bills that need to be paid. Are you tired of paying costs on your empty property? Do you have an empty probate property? Do you want to sell your empty shop?

Do you want to sell a tenanted property?

For many people, owning and managing a let property is more headache than it is worth. Many landlords grow disheartened with the problems associated with rental properties, including maintenance costs and finding decent tenants who pay the rent on time. It can be difficult to collect rents, leading to the tenant going into rent arrears. Sometimes, the rental income is the landlord’s only source of income and many let properties are purchased with buy to let mortgages. This can eventually lead to repossession and even bankruptcy if they cannot afford their mortgage repayments. Do you want to sell a tenanted property in Leeds? Maybe your tenants have just moved out and you want a fast sale of your property? Sell tenanted property Whetherby, sell tenanted property Morley, sell tenanted property Pudsey, sell tenanted property Otley, sell tenanted property Ilkley, sell tenanted property Yeadon, sell tenanted property Rawdon, sell tenanted property Headingley, sell tenanted property Beeston, sell tenanted property Horsforth, sell tenanted property Holbeck, sell tenanted property Harehills, sell tenanted property Roundhay, sell tenanted property Seacroft and all surrounding areas in Leeds.

Sharpes Auction House Leeds West Yorkshire can help with all of the above, we are an established Auction House in Leeds and regularly sell empty properties all over the Yorkshire and Lancashire regions. We can sell your empty property conveniently and with ease through our next auction. The property is sold at the fall of the hammer and contracts are exchanged immediately with completion taking place in as little as 1 to a maximum of 28 days.

We can arrange to sell any empty property, be it an empty commercial unit on York Road, sell empty shop and flat on Easterly Road, sell empty terraced property on Woodhouse Lane, sell empty semi-detached property on Headingley Lane, sell empty detached property on Elland Road or sell empty apartment on Regent Street, sell empty pub Leeds, sell empty restaurant Leeds, sell empty industrial unit Leeds.

Areas we cover?

We can sell your empty property in all areas. Sell Empty Property Whetherby, Sell Empty Property Morley, Sell Empty Property Pudsey, Sell Empty Property Otley, Sell Empty Property Ilkley, Sell Empty Property Yeadon, Sell Empty Property Rawdon, Sell Empty Property Headingley, Sell Empty Property Beeston, Sell Empty Property Horsforth, Sell Empty Property Holbeck, Sell Empty Property Harehills, Sell Empty Property Roundhay, Sell Empty Property Seacroft and all surrounding areas in Leeds.

Types of valuations?

We can carry out property valuations for all types of vacant  properties in all types of situations, probate property valuations, matrimonial property valuations, divorce property valuation, Vacant  Property Valuation Whetherby, Vacant  Property Valuation Morley, Vacant  Property Valuation Pudsey, Vacant  Property Valuation Otley, Vacant  Property Valuation Ilkley, Vacant Property Valuation Yeadon, Vacant Property Valuation Rawdon, Vacant Property Valuation Headingley, Vacant Property Valuation Beeston, Vacant Property Valuation Horsforth, Vacant Property Valuation Holbeck, Vacant Property Valuation Harehills, Vacant Property Valuation Roundhay, Vacant Property Valuation Seacroft and all surrounding areas in Leeds.

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