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Do you need to sell a problem property in Bradford? Similar to owning a car, without the proper care and attention, owning a property can have its own drawbacks. Properties require constant maintenance, whether they are used or empty, and there is always something that needs to be fixed, whether it is to do with the structure of the property like the roof, brickwork or windows or internal issues like a faulty boiler or rotten floors. The older a property gets, the more problems you are faced with. In the UK climate, it is not uncommon to see properties with damp issues, either rising damp or penetrative damp. Those with inadequate or decrepit foundations or close to trees and shrubs are particularly prone to subsidence. Those properties near rivers or watercourses are at more risk to flooding and there are a many cases of properties being damaged by fire due to dated or substandard wiring. In extreme cases, councils have the power to issue prohibition orders preventing the property being used for a particular purpose if they are in poor condition.

There are external factors which can also affect the property and can give cause for concern. Those properties with a short leasehold are often difficult to sell. As your lease gets shorter the value of your property decreases, especially if it is shorter than 80 years. Banks are unwilling to lend on properties with short leases. Not only do empty properties need maintenance, they are often difficult to insure as they are seen as a greater risk by insurance companies due to vandalism, especially those in areas with a high rate of crime. Also they are still subject to rates and utility bills. Living in some properties can become a headache if you have bad neighbours and disputes can lead to costly legal fees if the matter goes to court. In the case of tenanted properties, problems arise when tenants fail to pay their rent or look after the property and evicting them can be a long, drawn out and costly process. In instances where the landlord is using rental income to pay the mortgage, failure to pay rent can lead to the property being eventually repossessed and the landlord facing bankruptcy.

Sharpes Auction House Bradford has assisted many vendors struggling to sell their problem properties, regardless of the condition. Whatever issues you are facing, you can put your house on the market in the knowledge that the majority of our purchasers are cash buyers who do not require a mortgage. We regularly sell all types of properties all over the north of England, including Greater Bradford, Yorkshire and Lancashire. We can expedite the sale of your property conveniently and with ease through our next auction. The property is sold and contracts are exchanged immediately at the fall of hammer and completions take place within 1 to 28 days. We advertise on all the online property portals including Right Move, Zoopla, Primelocation, Findaproperty, Mumsnet, Kirstieandphil, MSN, Mailonline, Home24, Nethouseprices, The Telegraph, The Times, JohnstonPress as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, thereby enhancing the chances of selling your property quickly. Sell property quickly, sell property quickly Bradford, sell property quickly Bury, sell property quickly Bradford, sell property quickly Bradford, sell property quickly Whitefield, sell house quickly, sell house with subsidence, sell property quickly Prestwich, sell property, sell property quickly Bolton, sell tenanted property, sell property quickly Radcliffe, sell property quickly Chadderton, sell property quickly Oldham, sell property quickly Middleton, sell fire damaged property, sell property quickly Farnworth, sell property quickly Swinton, sell property quickly Salford, sell property quickly Ashton-under-Lyne, sell flood damaged property and in all surrounding areas.

What areas do we cover?

We can sell your problem property in all areas. Sell problem property, sell problem property Bradford, sell problem property Bury, sell problem property Whitefield, sell problem property Prestwich, sell problem property Radcliffe, sell problem property fast, sell problem property Bradford, sell problem property Bolton, sell problem property Middleton, sell problem property Bradford, sell problem property Chadderton, sell problem property Farnworth, sell problem property Swinton, sell problem property Oldham, sell house, sell problem property Salford, sell problem property Swinton, sell problem property Ashton-under-Lyne and in all surrounding areas.

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