Walk away with your new property in 56 days. No delay, No hassle

Buying property is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Whether it’s a new home or an investment, it’s one of the most important purchases you can make. However, buying on the open market can turn this rewarding experience into a long and stressful one.

The open market is full of unmotivated sellers. People who are in no rush to move and are just testing the waters to see what their home could sell for. It is also full of people stuck in chains who are unable to sell quickly or at the price you need.

Auction overcomes these barriers. Our sellers are motivated. They’re not stuck in chains or being set unrealistic expectations of the price they’ll receive. Our seller reserve prices are realistic and based on an auction valuation.

Below is our step-by-step guide to buying through the modern method of auction. It’s an online auction that allows you to bid, reserve and exchange contracts within 28 days and complete the purchase within 56 days. That’s enough time for you to get your ducks in a row, but not so long that the purchase becomes a burden.

If you would like to see an example of online auction before registering for a lot, then you can watch our next auction by clicking here.

Step one- Book a viewing

Step two- Due diligence

Step three- Register your place

Step four- Submit your bidding form online

Step five- Auction Day


You will be able to bid once the auction has started - this will be in pre-determined bid increment levels using the on-screen buttons. You will be able to see your own details on-screen to aid with the process, but these will remain private to you and cannot be seen by other bidders. Other bidders are represented on-screen by a bidder number, i.e., Bidder 2 or Bidder 3, and are listed in numerical order. An on-screen header will also indicate if you are the current highest bidder or if you have been outbid.

Timing and Bid Extensions/sniping

Bid extension is similar to a virtual version of a live auctioneer raising the hammer and inviting final bids before closing the Lot on the fall of the hammer.

'Sniping' is a practice seen on eBay and other auction sites. It is where you leave a bid until just before the auction is due to finish in the hope that you are the last and highest bidder. Our system extends the end of the auction by one minute every time an additional bid is placed after the scheduled closing time, so long as there was a bid placed in the last scheduled minute, the clock will start again until there has been one minute of 'bidding silence'.

At this point, the virtual hammer falls to signify the end of the auction and whoever offered the highest amount wins the property.

If you successfully win the auction, then a member of our team will contact you. They’ll help you with the next steps and give you any information that you need. At this point, you’ll have 28 days to exchange contracts, you then have a further 28 days to complete the sale.

If the modern method sounds quick and effective, that’s because it is. The whole process is designed to leave you walking away with a new home or addition to your portfolio in as little as two months.


Buy your new property today

Modern method of auction offers bargain deals and quick sales. It is a place where you avoid unmotivated sellers and unrealistic asking prices.

Due to its rising popularity, auction is no longer just a place for run-down properties. You can now find pleasant family homes and buy to let opportunities.

You don’t need to be an investor to benefit from the modern method of auction, but if you are, then it’s a good place to find a bargain.

Register your place on our system here. No payment will be taken upfront, and you will have access to view and register on all our listings.